Historic Textile and Paper Materials II. Conservation and Characterization

Historic Textile and Paper Materials II. Conservation and Characterization

By: By: S. Haig Zeronian and Howard L. Needles (Eds.)

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Year: 1989
Pages: 262
Language: English
Published: American Chemical Society

Content: Permanence and alkaline-neutral papermaking / D.J. Priest --
Critical evaluation of mass deacidification processes for book preservation / David N.-S. Hon --
Graft polymerization : a means of strengthening paper and increasing the life expectancy of cellulosic archival material / C.E. Butler, C.A. Millington, and D.W.G. Clements --
Damaging effects of visible and near-ultraviolet radiation on paper / S.B. Lee, J. Boraard, and R.L. Feller --
The effect of variations in relative humidity on the accelerated aging of paper / Chandruy J. Shahani, Frank H. Hengemihle, and Norman Weberg --
A reexamination of paper yellowing and the Kubelka-Munk theory / Harald Berndt --
The stabilization of silk to light and heat : screening of stabilizers / M.A. Becker, S.P. Hersh, and P.A. Tucker --
The conservation of silk with parylene-C / Eric F. Hansen and William S. Ginell --
Historic silk flags from Harrisburg / M. Ballard, R.J. Koestler, C. Blair Santamaria, and N. Indictor --
Long-term stability of cellulosic textiles : effect of alkaline deacidifying agents on naturally aged cellulosic textiles / N. Kerr, T. Jennings, E. Methe --
Heat-induced aging of linen / Howard L. Needles and Kimberly Claudia J. Nowak --
Treatment of tapa cloth with special reference to the use of the vacuum suction table / Sara Wolf Green --
Identification of red madder and insect dyes by thin-layer chromatography / Helmut Schweppe --
Ultraviolet and infrared analyses of artificially aged cellophane film / Laura DeSimone and Ira Block --
Nondestructive evaluation of aging in cotton textiles by Fourier transform reflection-absorption infrared spectroscopy / Jeanette M. Cardamone.

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